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21 Jun 2013

The reason behind the name of the hotels by Adrian Hoteles

The reason behind the name of the hotels by Adrian Hoteles

The hotel chain, Adrian Hoteles was created in 1990 with the opening of the four star hotel Colón Guanahaní in Playa de Fañabé. It was followed by the hotel Jardines de Nivaria and Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel, both 5 star hotels located in the south of Tenerife.

Each of the hotel names of this chain has behind it, a reason and history. The names describe key features of the hotel, offering a brief summary of what the client will find in these four and five star hotels located in Costa Adeje.

Colón Guanahaní

The origin of  the name of this four star hotel located in Playa de Fañabé is the visit of Columbus in 1492 to the Canary Islands and the island of San Salvador, called before Guanahani. Here is where Columbus first arrived in America.

The name encloses to of the main characteristics of the hotel: the colonial style and its size, a small hotel with a personalized and exclusive service surrounded by big hotels, the same as the island San Salvador (Guanahaní).

Jardines de Nivaria

The compound name of this luxury hotel in Costa Adeje refers to its location and the beautiful gardens surrounding the pools.

Nivaria is how Tenerife was known by the antique Romans. It was called Nivaria due to the snow on the top of the mount Teide. The word jardines (garden in English) completes the name, creating Jardines de Nivaria (Gardens of Tenerife), referring to the gardens located in the middle of Costa Adeje and where you can find many local and endemic flora.

Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

The Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel opened in 2005, it is a five star located in Playa Paraíso.

The word “Roca” means rock and it is used because the hotel is located above rocks, and all surrounded by the ocean. To complete the name, the word Nivaria is used again, to refer to the island of Tenerife and create a link between the two five star hotels of Adrian Hoteles.

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