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  • Excursion length: 3 hours
  • Difficulty level: 2
  • Activity type: Adventure

Excursion description

Anaga Rural Park, on the eastern side of the island, has some of the oldest tracks on Tenerife. These tracks have usually become established based on pre-Hispanic or Guanche routes.

This is one of the areas of greatest interest on the island for its geology and landscape. A variety of tracks here take the visitor to unique spots, enabling them to explore countless ravines, valleys and mountain ranges with exceptional, spectacular rock formations. The park provides one of the best examples of typical Canary island mountain woodland formed by laurissilva and fayal-brezal woodland. Many of our routes begin there.
A number of these routes are also complemented with visits to the interesting, pretty villages scattered around this amazing landscape.

Please follow our recommendations and do not forget to bring:

Walking shoes or trainers Walking shoes or trainers
Comfortable bag or small backpack Comfortable bag or small backpack
Jacket Jacket
Sun protection Sun protection
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