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28 Feb 2013

Interview with the chef of "La Cúpula"

Interview with the chef of


La Cúpula, a gourmet restaurant located in the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria won recently the award for "Best Hotel Restaurant" in the second edition of the Restoration Regional Awards “Qué Bueno Canarias”.

We interviewed the chef, Ruben Cabrera, to learn and present in detail the restaurant.
Rubén Cabrera has led “La Cúpula” since November 2007. He offers unique and very creative dishes, mixing products from the islands with international. He has gone through well known cuisines like Arzak and Mugaritz.

What represents this award, for you and the restaurant?

This award for me is a great joy and a rush on a personal level, that the work is recognized by our own guild is priceless and is something infinitely grateful. For the restaurant it’s recognition of the efforts of the Property, that always bet on quality gastronomy as stamp of identity in Adrian Hoteles. Also for our customers it is great news, to see that their restaurant recognized throughout the archipelago.

What are the difference and the feature of the restaurant “La Cúpula”?

The quality of its products, the sophistication of its cuisine and friendly service that makes our guest feel special.

At the moment to elaborate a menu, what is the first thing to keep in mind?

For me, the first thing is to analyze the means at our disposal in terms of staff and equipment, and then the seasons of products for both vegetables and meat. I think that a cuisine not taking in count the seasons losses the essence of a good regional cuisine.

What dish would you recommend us in the current menu?

In the present menu, we can emphasize a Lamb Court French lacquered with acacia honey on a bed of carob and mini vegetables harvested in Tenerife; it’s a sensory dish that really hits you in the eye and then transports you. We can also emphasize our eggs stuffed with foie gras on bed of muesli and Humboldt wine jelly, a dish that surprises with its aspect and its traditional flavor.

What would you highlight of your visit to the kitchens of major restaurants like Mugaritz and Arzak?

It was a very positive experience; I learned many cooking techniques that are used only in these restaurants as well as other factors as leadership and camaraderie. Maybe Mugaritz awoke in me, not just the taste but the spiritual of the gastronomy. The overall experience was very satisfying and wants to try again! In 2009 I was at Arzak and in 2011 at Mugaritz. In 2013 I will be in a restaurant in Belgium which has a Michelin star.

When was it clear that the cooking would be your profession?

I was 14 years old, when I made the first visit to the institutes, the professional training at Adeje was the only one which caught my attention and I decided that the cooking would be my destiny.

Is there any dream to fulfill in the professional area?

Getting a Michelin star! I think that it’s not only for me but for all the chefs working in creative cuisine. You become really known internationally and it put your establishment in front of the media and relevant people. I think it’s worth the challenge.

The restaurant “La Cúpula” is located in the South of Tenerife, Playa de Fañabé area, Costa Adeje. It’s located in the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, a luxurious five-star hotel and it belongs to Adrian Hoteles.

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